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RV-85A $2150.00 AUD incl GST
85cm - Fully Automatic Pop Up Antenna

round_button_0235.jpg Real 3-Axis Fully Automatic Control System, including Auto Skew LNB
round_button_0235.jpg Built in 24 channel GPS for faster satellite lock
round_button_0235.jpg Single RG6 Cable for power and control of Antenna, no extra power cables
round_button_0235.jpg Quad Output Australian Specification LNB - 10.7 LO
round_button_0235.jpg Supports Manual Control
round_button_0235.jpg Auto Shut down and storing of Antenna on Vehicle Start up
round_button_0235.jpg One-Button Auto Pointing Controller, acquires Satellite within 2 minutes
round_button_0235.jpg Full user interface and diagnostics
round_button_0235.jpg DISEqC 1.2 Function Available (Automatic Satellite Switching)
round_button_0235.jpg One -Button Change Target Satellite
round_button_0235.jpg Water Resistant Flat Surface, Sealed Onboard Electronics
round_button_0235.jpg Heady Duty Feed Arm, Strong all Metal Gearbox
round_button_0235.jpg Built-in DVB Signal Identification
round_button_0235.jpg Built-in Global Satellite Library
round_button_0235.jpg Real Time Monitoring
round_button_0235.jpg Upgradeable Firmware

OUTBACK TV  RV-85 A heavy Duty packing for Shipping

Model  RV - 85A          
Ant. Type Parabola
Frequency KU Band
Dish Size 860mm x 920mm
Antenna Gain 39.5dB             
LNB Quad Output Australian Spec
LNB Autoskew Yes - Fully Automatic
GPS Yes - 24 Channel Onboard
Material Aluminium Board
Gear Box All Metal
Polarisation Horizontal and Vertical
Elevation 30 to 90 degrees
Azimuth 400 degrees
Skew Angle +/- 90 degrees
Oper. Temp -20c to +80c
Power 9-30vDC 30watts when searching

OUTBACK TV -  RV-85A at our Production Facility

OUTBACK TV  RV-85A True 85cm Dish with Black Rubber Outer Ring

OUTBACK TV RV-85A Manuals 
Quick Start Guide Basic Installation, Mounting Antenna and Control Box, Operation of Antenna
Operation Guide Detailed Operations Guide - Generally the Antenna is Plug and Play, no Setup Required