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Satellite TV 4 Motor Homes is part of the MR Marine Group.  It is a specialist Internet based business just for Satellite Television Systems used on Motor Homes.

MR Marine has been in business since 1998, specialising in Marine niche markets that has been identified through looking at what is available in the market.

In 2009/2010 MR Marine developed OCEAN TV, Australia's most Popular Tracking Satellite TV Antenna for all vessels.  Since that time, over 1450 Ocean TV Antennas have been sold in Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines.  They have been fitted to Pleasure Boats, Ferries, Ships, Houseboats, Floating Offices, etc.

In 2015, MR Marine identified the Australian and New Zealand Caravan and Motor Home market was in a similar state to where the Marine Market was in 2009.  A number of over priced Satellite TV Antennas, being sold by not specialist businesses.  It was decided we would design a Positional Satellite TV "Pop Up" Antenna for RV Market.

Using the 7 years of experience leading the Marine Market, we have developed OUTBACK TV.  Our aim was to bring to the market a superior product, with advance technology, easy to use, easy to install, compatible with Foxtel and VAST Satellite Systems,  priced under $2000.00.

The OUTBACK TV  RV-85A and RV-60A are those antennas.

The Australian  RV Satellite TV Antenna for Australia Wide Coverage


Phone    0428 250 520

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